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BYRON - Violence at home worries many families through Stateline. Many of them left their assailants just the clothes they still had. A Byron teenager, who knew very well about Cops For Coats abuse at home, wanted to behave in ways that made things easier for the victims. She and her dad started a charity event four years ago - to help remind survivors that they are not alone. For the majority of cases, cardstock packaging does not appear before escapades. But also for Victoria Kuzlik, this marks the beginning of her fundraising campaign and her annual Coats For Hope fundraiser. "I needed to introduce again to the people who helped me," said Kuzlik. "I created this small charity called Coats For Hope, started with 3 containers and the college and just grew up!" MonicaAllen is the Adult Support Planner with the Sauk Pit YWCA. The Sterling Refuge receives the diapers each year. Allen says that because home abuse is so prevalent in our cities, she anticipates driving. "Even if it's a friend, be it a relative, a cousin or a nephew, he may be close, even if he did not immediately influence you" , Allen said. "Make sure we keep getting calls every year, we'll be here, we'll help." Packaging containers will likely be placed at merchants, banking institutions and colleges throughout the Stateline. "We appreciate everyone who brings their diapers, mittens, hats," Allen said. "We will find a child, an adult, a man, a woman, or an elderly person, we will find someone who needs it.

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