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1 Power Alert (Batteries not included)

Power Alert - Power Failure Alarm

The Power Alert, a power failure alarm, was developed specifically to alert one to the loss of power to any device that is plugged into the product due to a power failure and/or a power surge resulting in the tripping of a GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) outlet to which the device is connected. Power Alert is designed to be connected to any 15-amp outlet. Power Alert will provide the user the ability to connect 2 separate devices at one time.

In the event of a power failure, the Power Alert provides both an audible and visual indication of a power failure. When Power Alert senses a loss of power, a loud alarm (similar to a smoke alarm) immediately sounds until the alarm is manually reset thereby providing the user with notification of a power loss in the event that they were away from home for an extended period of time.

Power Alert is easy to install and the narrow (1") design allows it to easily fit behind any appliance without requiring it to be moved away from the wall outlet.

Peace of Mind

The Power Alert is a power failure alarm specifically designed to alert one to the loss of power.


You plug any device into the Power Alert and you will be made aware of any loss of power, no matter how short.

Sensitive Devices

Plug computer, stereo or any sensitive electronic component into the Power Alert and it will act as a terrific reminder in the event of a power failure or surge that trips any GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) outlet.

Possible Uses

Nasal CPAP, Portable Nebulizers, Electronic Stereo Equipment, Freezers and Refrigerators or any portable charged device - Power Alert will let you know if a surge occured if power was lost. This can help with insurance claims.

Detailed Features


It is recommended for complete home coverage by installing a Power Alert® alarm in every location throughout your home or office where a power outage may effect the operation of home equipment or security systems. Ideal locations would be in each room where electrical dependent equipment is in operation. The Power Alert® should also be installed in attached garages and basement for home freezers and where sump pumps may be in operation; sleeping areas may also be advisable to prevent alarm clock failure notification.

It is not required to attach a device to the Power Alert® to be notified of the device failure during a power outage. By connecting the Power Alert® to the same household circuit, any disruption of the power supply will set off an alarm. However, in areas of the home where there are separate power supply lines or GFCI outlets with equipment connected to them, it is recommended to install a Power Alert® device for each circuit to allow for notification in the event of a GFCI power surge circuit breaker discharging and not restoring power to that outlet when power to the home is returned.

The unit should not be used in an outside or wet environment.

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